Next week is Teen Read Week:2015. The theme is “Get Away @ Your Library” and we will be doing just that. With a program scheduled every day next week (in the TeenScape), we will be escaping to a variety of literary places…from Hogsmeade to Oz.
We will be starting the week off “at the beach” with seashell art. From there we will travel to Hogsmeade and create some butterbeer. Going completely off the map, we will be heading to Algoe, New York and will make our very own “paper towns”.
Skipping along down a yellow, brick road…we will wind up in the land of Oz. In this land of Oz we will be creating miniature scarecrows based upon our favorite brainless hero. And finally, we will navigate our way across the treacherous sea by making our very own water compasses. Ahoy matey, see you there! -Krystal