Ever wonder what goes on at the Adult Learning Center? Well, that question is better answered by taking a look at a success story from one of our students. We had a student who wanted to get his driver’s license. He only read at a 5th grade level, however, which made it difficult to understand what he needed to know to pass the driver’s test.

After numerous attempts at the test, someone referred him to the Adult Learning Center to get a little help. He came to us and explained his goal to pass the driver’s test, and we matched him with the best tutor for his needs. He and his tutor decided on a schedule that worked for both of them and met for almost two years. During this time, both of them made a commitment to the goal and developed a friendly relationship with one another that they each enjoyed. At the end of their time together, not only was the dedicated student able to pass his driver’s test and get his license, he also improved his life by learning to read at a higher level. With his new reading ability, doors that were closed to him were now open. He had new opportunities to get a better job, go back to school, and enjoy reading as a hobby.

This is just one of many stories here at the Adult Learning Center. One simple goal like earning a driver’s license can lead to all sorts of positive life changes made possible by seeking a little help. If you know of anyone who could benefit from the Adult Learning Center, or if you would like to change lives as a tutor, contact Molly at (765) 575-4551.

Molly Gore is the Adult Learning Center Coordinator. Interested in becoming a tutor or learning a new skill? Contact her at mollyg@nchcpl.lib.in.us or (765) 575-4551.