The Adult Learning Center is currently providing Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL) classes to its students thanks to the commitment of two tutors. The Spanish class is led by tutor Jerry DeHart and has five sessions. The class is designed for those who want to connect with the Spanish-speaking community in Henry County. The ASL class is 24 weeks long and is taught by tutor Adam Meyer, who has had an interest in sign language since his teen years and is now proficient in this language.


When I started as the Adult Learning Center Coordinator, these classes were already in the works. Students had already shown interest in these kinds of classes and my predecessor left notes about tutors willing to take on the task. Both tutors were still willing to donate their time and from there it was simply a matter of figuring out what days worked and reserving the space in the library. I’m thankful for the opportunity to bring it all together and make it happen.


Interest for both of these languages is high in our community, and with limited tutors with these skills, the classes are a valuable tool to meet demand. These classes are a new addition to the Adult Learning Center, and I am hoping that they will be successful for helping those wanting to learn these languages. Ideally I’d like to see people able to use their new skills in their lives and to the benefit of the community.

-Molly Gore is the Adult Learning Center Coordinator. Interested in becoming a tutor or learning a new skill? Contact her at or (765) 529-0362, ext. 1315.