December in the Teen’Scape is all about good cheer and getting into the Christmas spirit. To help with that, we have loads of stuff to do in the Teen’Scape during the month of December. Here is a list of all of our Christmas themed programs:

12/3: Christmas Cookie Competition. Best looking cookie gets a package of White Fudge Covered Oreos

12/7: DIY Gingerbread House. We will be putting together a gingerbread house…and then going full cookie monster on it. NOM. NOM.

12/10: Christmas Crafts. We will be creating our very own Christmas ornaments to decorate the Teen’Scape with.

12/12: Decorate the Teen’Scape. This is a SATURDAY PROGRAM. We will be putting the tree up and making everything pretty!

12/14: Christmas Movie Day 1. Watching Home Alone in the Teen’Scape while eating cheese pizza.

12/15: Christmas Movie Day 2. Watching Frosty the Snowman while eating Frosted Flakes.

12/16: Christmas Movie Day 3. Watching Nightmare Before Christmas while eating dirt pudding.

12/17: Christmas Movie Day 4. Watching The Santa Clause while eating cookies.

12/18: Christmas Movie Day 5. Watching The Polar Express in the Auditorium while drinking HOT CHOCOLATE!