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learningbookcropped_edited-1.jpgWhat is the Learning Center?

The Learning Center at New Castle-Henry County Public Library is designed to meet the unique needs of the adult learning. The Center is located on the upper level of the library near the reference area. We offer:

  • Training for all reading levels- Resources are available for learners with no reading skills. Learners can take their reading skills as far as they want to go.
  • Training for all math levels- Literacy is more than words. The Center provides introductory and advanced mathematic resources including algebra and geometry.
  • Pre-TASC training- The Learning Center can prepare learners TASC training by teaching reading, math, social studies, and science curriculums.
  • Citizenship training- Learners can prepare for the naturalization test using the Learning Center.
  • Life skills through reading- The Center can help learners discover how to write checks, pay bills, read and pass a written driver's license test, and read prescription instructions.
  • English as a second language (ESL)- The Center provides specialized software and print materials to learners from any language background.

Additional Learning Center Services


  • College entrance exam test preparation
  • Specialized degree programs' test preparation
  • College course tutoring
  • SAT preparation
  • Homework help


NCHC Public Library

376 South 15th Street
New Castle IN 47362

Phone: (765) 529-0362
Fax: (765) 521-3581

Library Hours

Mon - Thu: 9am - 9pm

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Sun (Sep - May): 1pm - 5pm

*Closed Sundays
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