New This Fall: The Kennard Stop

photo of bookmobile at Kennard stop

The bookmobile is adding a new “town stop” to its schedule this fall. When the bookmobile stops across from the post office in Kennard, it won’t be for just an hour… it will be for most of the day. The Kennard town stop begins on Thursday, September 4, and will continue every other Thursday through the fall and winter months. 

This stop is in addition to the Mooreland town stop that the library initiated last fall. The bookmobile also stops in Mooreland every other Thursday, making Thursdays “Town Stop Days” for the bookmobile. Each time the bookmobile stops in these towns, it’s there from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For dates for these or any other stops, click on the links on the right side of this page for our schedule or for upcoming Bookmobile events. Our exact stop locations are available by clicking on the link for the map.

photo of bookmobile at Mooreland stop

The bookmobile serves residents of Henry County, making up to 20 stops all over the area.  The bookmobile has a large collection of materials for all ages, including a variety of books and DVDs.  Specific items may be requested before a scheduled stop time.

Bookmobile stops may be canceled because of holidays, weather conditions, or mechanical difficulties.  The Library’s online calendar will be updated to reflect any changes.

The loan period for books checked out on the bookmobile is 4 weeks (28 days), and for DVDs and magazines, it’s 2 weeks (14 days). Items may be renewed by phone or through the website by signing into your account.


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