A vast, desolate landscape. Under a blazing hot sun, 3 figures in white trek across the treacherous terrain. What will they find? In Planet of the Apes, 3 astronauts crash-land to discover a civilization turned upside-down – a nightmare world dominated by intelligent simians. Humanity is hunted and caged. Can Colonel George Taylor (Charlton Heston) escape? Find out by joining the NCHCPL Film Appreciation Club for a screening of Planet of the Apes on Sunday, April 13, at 2pm.

Staff review writer and club member Josh D. says “The music, by composer Jerry Goldsmith, really taps into something primal and like every great film score, complements the film throughout. Goldsmith wisely knew when to hold back and when to let the music help tell the story. The score plays alongside the film, rather than on top of it like a hammer. Directed by one of my favorite film directors Franklin J. Schaffner, whose other credits include the acclaimed Patton (1970), Papillon (1973), and The Boys from Brazil (1978). All scored by Goldsmith.”

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