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Godzilla Aug 05, 2014

godzilla.jpgA tiny freighter drifts somewhere in the vast Pacific, off the coast of Japan. The sailors, enjoying music and playing card games, are oblivious to the horror that waits beneath them. It has been an ordinary day and an uneventful night. But below this normal scene, deep in the unknown regions of ocean, is a living manifestation of nuclear destruction. With the sudden rush of acidic ocean spray, the sound of a thunderous roar and a brilliant flash of light, the boat is engulfed in flames.

A fiery trail of question marks fuels the mystery as more ships suffer the same fate. This unknown horror strikes next on a small island, in the middle of a windy, stormy night. A village held back in time by its remoteness is suddenly crushed by a beast the island elders call ‘Godzilla.’ A thing of legend and superstition come to life, Godzilla proves to be too incredible to be real, yet too real to be a dream.

A scientist theorizes that a dinosaur mutation has been awakened from it eons-long slumber by the atom bomb, its thermonuclear death ray leaving behind scorched landscapes. It feels no pain and is impervious to all of humankind’s puny weapons. As Godzilla makes it way to the mainland, the whole nation of Japan is left in the stillness before storm – watching, waiting, and dreading. Japan’s last defense against the king of the monsters is a horrible new weapon, one that destroys oxygen. But could the use of this weapon lead to global annihilation?

With its gritty cinematography, Godzilla rises above its monster-on-the-loose counterparts. The film is a glimpse into post-WW II Japan, nine years after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the growing anxieties as the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union escalated. A pre-Perry Mason Raymond Burr appears as an American reporter covering the events. ~Staff Review by Josh D.

Watch GODZILLA at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, August 13, with the Film Appreciation Club.

Watch this Dr. Who and the Daleks on Wednesday, July 9, at 6:30 pm in the auditorium. - See more at:
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