Internet Safety

The New Castle-Henry County Public Library recognizes and honors our patron’s rights to access constitutionally protected materials on the internet and supports peoples’ rights to privacy, freedom of information, and lifelong internet learning.

However, while librarians select printed materials for the library, they have no control over information on the internet. Therefore, the Board of Trustees has decided to implement the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), passed in the U.S. Congress in 2000 and upheld by the Supreme Court in 2003. CIPA requires libraries receiving certain types of federal funding to equip all internet accessible computers with a technology protection that blocks or filters visual materials that:

  • Are obscene,
  • Contain child pornography,
  • Are harmful to minors.

Persons 17 years of age or older may request to have the filters disabled for any lawful purpose.

The Board of Trustees recognizes that filtering products do not control access to all materials that a patron might believe to be inappropriate. Likewise, filtering products may unintentionally block sites that have a legitimate research value and also fail to block all objectionable content. No filter product guarantees to block all objectionable internet sites, and, as a result, the Board of Trustees does not guarantee total effectiveness of its filtering product.

For further protection and security in complying with CIPA the library provides security cameras, Technical Support Analysts, and a lab sign-in and print management system. Most importantly patrons are urged to evaluate the sites and materials they access on the internet for quality, accuracy, and legality.

Patrons of all ages who use library computers must comply with this policy. Offenders who illegally access obscenity or child pornography will be reported to law enforcement. Any attempt to violate this policy may result in loss of computer use or total library access. 


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