Borrowed Materials

Borrowing requirements

Library patrons may borrow materials as long as their card is in good standing (no long overdue items, no fines above $5, card not expired.)

Patrons having an adult or young adult New Castle-Henry County Public Library card may check out DVDs. The young adult card status is set to those patrons that are 7th grade and older.

Patrons must use their own library card when checking out library materials. Spouses’ cards may be used if permission is added in the note-field of each record. Each patron is responsible for the pick up, care, viewing and return of DVDs on or before the date due.

Return of Library Materials

Materials may be returned in the appropriate drop boxes located at the east end of the parking lot or the drop off slots built into the west side of the building near the entrance. The return box is emptied twice daily, Monday thru Saturday and once on Sunday. All materials retrieved from the drop box are back dated to the previous day so that all items returned after hours on the date due, between closing time that night and 7:30 a.m. the following morning, will not be charged a late fee. Monday morning drops during the summer, when the library is closed on Sundays, are backdated to Saturday.

DVDs will not be renewed. The only exception extends to teachers who may require additional time when  DVD’s are being used in the classroom.

Borrowing Periods & Fines Schedule

TypeLengthLimitRenewalsFine*Max Fine*
Audio books 14 days 10 1 $.10 $10.00
Books 28 days 50 2 Fine free† Fine free†
DVD/Blu-ray Fiction 5 days 5 0 $1.00 $10.00
DVD/Blu-ray Nonfiction 7 days 5 0 $1.00 $10.00
E-Reader/Nook 14 days 1 0 $1.00 $10.00
Kits 28 days 30 2 Fine free† Fine free†
Magazines 7 days 10 1 Fine free† Fine free†
Music CD 7 days 5 1 $.10 $3.00

* Overdue fines are per item per day with the maximum as shown under Max Fine.

Books, kits and magazines are all free from fines.

Listening Room Procedures

Two listening rooms are provided to the public to watch DVDs, listen to CDs, or use the Sorensen Video Phone for the hearing impaired. Because these rooms hold special equipment, they are to be locked at all times except when in use.

Adult patrons and youth with YA or YC library account status (7th grade and above) may use the listening rooms to view DVDs or listen to music. If they have JV or JC status, a parent/guardian must be present.

Patrons with long overdue/lost items or fines/fees in excess of $4.99 are not considered in good standing and therefore not allowed to use the listening rooms.

The library is not responsible for patron’s personal materials (CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes) brought in for use in the listening rooms.

Interlibrary Loan Requests (ILL)

The library will attempt to borrow materials and/or acquire periodical articles for resident cardholders from other libraries. There is no charge to the patron if an available copy of the book can be located in Indiana. If the only copy available is from a library that charges to loan or copy an article, the patron will be notified of any cost prior to ordering the material. Any fees must be paid before the item will be ordered. Patrons may have a maximum of five (5) ILL requests in the system at one time.

Because ILL materials are not owned by the New Castle-Henry County Public Library, stricter penalties and fines apply for overdue and/or unreturned items. Failure to return ILL materials will result in replacement costs and fines from the loaning library as well as suspension of all library privileges with the New Castle-Henry County Public Library until the items are paid for or returned and all fines have been paid.

The loan period and renewal of ILL materials depend on the policy of the lending library. NCHCPL staff will inquire if the items can be renewed and notify the patron.

Care of Borrowed Materials

Lost or Damaged Materials

The Library expects materials to suffer some wear with normal use. The Library also expects borrowers to exercise care in the handling of borrowed library materials. Borrowers are not held responsible for what the Library determines is normal wear. If the Library determines that an item was lost or damaged due to mistreatment, neglect, etc. while charged to the borrower’s card, that borrower will be billed for the cost of repair or replacement, processing, and any overdue fines that have accrued while checked out to the borrower. The borrower is responsible for all fines that accrue from the date an item was due until the borrower pays for replacement or requests to be billed for replacement. If the item has more than one part (e.g. 2 discs) and not all parts are returned, the entire fine is owed.

Use of a Patron Purchased Replacement

In lieu of paying the Library the amount billed for a lost or damaged item, the borrower may choose to purchase an identical new copy of the item from another source and submit it to the Library as a replacement. Acceptance of an item as an “in kind” replacement is at the discretion of the Library. Whether an item is accepted as a replacement is determined by whether the item satisfactorily meets a list of criteria.

Submission of a replacement item in lieu of paying for replacement is not a guarantee that the item will be found acceptable. If the item is found to be acceptable, the borrower will only be charged a fee for processing the item and any overdue fines that accrued up to the date on which the borrower submitted the item.

If the presented replacement is not found to be acceptable, it will be returned to the borrower and s/he will be responsible for picking it up at the Library and for paying the amount billed to cover the Library’s costs related to replacement and processing.

Materials Returned with Parts Missing

The Library will attempt to contact a borrower immediately when it discovers that a part (e.g. case, booklet, DVD, cassette tape, etc) is missing from an item that has been returned. The borrower is responsible for all parts of an item checked out from the Library. If the Library is able to purchase a single part of a multi-part item, the borrower will be charged only for the replacement and processing of the single part. If individual parts cannot be purchased separately, the borrower will be responsible for paying the cost to replace the entire item.

When the Library receives payment in full for replacement of an item or any part, the original item becomes the property of the borrower. If the patron does not want the damaged part/item, the Library will dispose of it.

Claims Returned Items

Sometimes an item may appear as overdue on a borrower’s account, but the borrower is certain that the item was returned. In such instance, the Library recognizes that either the Library or the borrower may be in error. For this reason a procedure is followed that allows both the library and the borrower time to look for the item for a period of thirty (30) days without accruing additional overdue fines. At the discretion of the Library, fines may be waived on an item that a borrower “claims returned” that has not been found by the Library or the borrower during the thirty-day period. This grace may be given to the same borrower up to two times in a calendar year. Grace cannot be given a third or subsequent times during the calendar year on other “claims returned” items.

Overdue Notices

As a courtesy, the Library attempts to notify borrowers at least twice that items are overdue for return to the library; however, failure to send a notice does not change the due date or cancel any fines or fees. Return of library materials on or before the due date is the sole responsibility of the borrowers.

The first notice is sent when an item is fourteen (14) days overdue. A second notice is sent when an item is twenty-one (21) days overdue. This notice states that the item will be considered lost and billed for replacement once it is 28 days overdue. If items have not been returned before they are 42 days overdue, the patron’s account will be sent to collections and a nonrefundable $10 collections fee will be added to the patron’s account in addition to any other replacement costs, processing fees, and accrued overdue fines.

Electronic Notices

If a patron has provided the Library with an email address, they will receive all notices electronically. This includes notices for items soon due, overdue items and available holds. Patrons providing an email address to the Library should ensure that a spam filter does not block messages sent from the Library and should notify the Library of any change in address.


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